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Syphon Brew

Our Story of Truly Great Coffee

O’Coffee Club is a homegrown gourmet coffee chain, founded in 1991.


O’Coffee Club is the very first independent coffee chain in Singapore and a pioneer in the local café scene. Today, O’Coffee Club has expanded across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

O’Coffee Club has its roots deeply set in sourcing, brewing and serving premium gourmet coffee. We place great emphasis on delivering rich and flavourful coffee of high quality to our patrons.  

We are picky about our coffee roasting and tasting process. Over the three decades of coffee craft, we consistently examine each aspect starting from harvest to brew, creating significant taste profiles which tingles the tongue and awakens you.

Our Story
Our Brewing Methods

The V60 Drip Coffee

The V60 coffee dripper has ridged walls angled at 60 degrees, maintaining a water flow that promotes a balanced and consistent cup of coffee. With this method, one can easily manipulate brew variables.

Weighing the beans right before the brew ensures just the right amount of coffee intensity, with the filter paper is rinsed out with hot water for hygiene. Grounds are poured into the centre of the V60 dripper with a little whirl in the middle, so that the ground beans will be evenly saturated. Then rich coffee is allowed to drip slowly for the most even extraction of coffee beans.


The French Press


This technique begins with a fresh grind of coffee beans, clean pre-filtered water and a lot of patience to get the final cup of freshly brewed coffee with the right amount of aroma. The coffee is set to rest for a couple of minutes for intensification before our barista carefully stirs the coffee so that the residue eventually settles into the bed of coffee at the bottom. The plunger sits nicely on the surface of the coffee, serving as a filter. The coffee is gently poured into the cup, smooth, rich and residue free.


The Chemex


The Chemex is a pour over style, shaped like an oversized hourglass, with the dripper cone sitting directly above the coffee reservoir. The brewer is first preheated, which also cleans and removes any stale smell from the filter paper. Hot water is then poured over the coffee beans in a circular motion, creating a gentle spiral until the volume reaches about a fingertip away from the top of the rim. A Chemex brew is perfect for more acidic or floral light roast coffee.


The Syphon Brew


The Syphon is probably the most exciting way to brew coffee.

A syphon brewer has basically four parts; top and bottom chambers, a filter and a heat source. Pre-filtered, clean water is added to the bottom chamber and heated.

When the water boils, steam escapes, creating a vacuum such that water travels up to the top chamber naturally. Ground coffee beans are then tipped into the top chamber to brew.

Once the brewing is done, the heat source is turned off, allowing the air in the bottom chamber to cool. This creates another vacuum which lets the coffee flow back down to the bottom chamber. The coffee is ready to be served.

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